Executive Leadership

StrategyAre you looking for a seasoned business leader, but think you can't afford top talent, or fully utilize their skills to justify adding another full time person?

OPSandENG can help when you need executive leadership. With extensive experience with manufacturing companies with 25-400 employees and Sales of $4M-$70M, OPSandENG is keenly focused on the needs of small to medium sized companies.

With a strong P&L focus, and process knowledge in Component Assembly, Metal Fabrication, Machining, Injection Molding and Thermoforming, OPSandENG brings Hands-on experience to your operations. Couple that approach with strong leadership skills and the commitment to be successful, and you have a resource on your team that is second to none.

OPSandENG helps you see the critical issues, develop effective plans, and implement them to achieve bottom line results. Profitability, Cash Flow, Quality and Process Improvements are critical to a small business. OPSandENG partners with clients to help them achieve higher levels of performance.