Operations and Engineering

Mark PrestonMark Preston is a Hands-on leader with cross-functional experience in Operations, Engineering and Quality. He has helped clients solve complex problems while increasing throughput and reducing costs. Mark has expertise in plastics, metal fabrication, assembly and lean manufacturing.

Mark has served in director level roles in quality, engineering, product development and operations. With responsibility for a $7M operating and capital budget, Mark has the financial background and focus to get the job done. Personal accountability, fiscal responsibility, and assignments in operations and technical management are key factors in his success. He has developed many new products, including a US made product that was successful in Japan.

Mark has conducted several "turn around" assignments and managed strategic projects involving significant travel to Mexico and Ireland. He was responsible for the operations of a marketing support (fulfillment) company, and improved their gross margin by 11 points by implementing cellular manufacturing. He was the project manager to rebuild a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Connecticut. Most recently, one of his clients sought to double their production output, and double it again the following year. Mark helped them achieve the targeted 4X run rate each of the last five weeks of the assignment that was completed in less than six months.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, a Masters in Business Administration from Baylor University, and two patents. Mark currently resides in Fairport with his wife, Janice. They have two grown daughters, Melissa and Jennifer. Mark is a past President of the West Point Society of Rochester, Vice President of the Rochester Veterans Business Council, and former volunteer CPR instructor.

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