Operations and Engineering

Mark worked with us on a project to analyze or production process in specific areas that we were looking for continuous improvement. His analysis was professional and thorough, and his recommendations were accepted as both engineering and manufacturing process improvements that yielded targeted results. The project was completed well within the planned schedule and budget.

President, Weco Manufacturing

Mark is a seasoned operational professional, a results oriented manager, and an accountable, process-driven resource. He brings experience to operational challenges, without ego, and works with your team to clarify, optimize, and document processes that will improve efficiency and profitability. I recommend him if your goal is to stay lean while improving operations and achieving objectives.

CEO, Newtex

With Mark Preston's help, we more than doubled our shipping performance over last year. Furthermore and more importantly, we achieved a significantly improved safety record, and implemented a multitude of quality reforms throughout the order fulfillment process. Mark provided valuable project management leadership and coaching. He built communication systems and project management systems that will help us grow to the next level, while still placing safety and quality as our top operating priorities. Without Mark's help, we would not have been able to meet our customer's expectations, nor recruit the talent we needed to grow the business.

Vice President of Sales, Cleveland Eastern Mixers

Mark stepped in on a contract basis as a Project Manager for our factory rebuild. He quickly organized the team of engineers that were focused on their specialized activities into a cohesive project plan. He led by example, and often worked seven days a week. With his close attention to details, Mark ensured all critical events were fully integrated. The enormous complexity of the facility changes, timing of equipment, new and repaired tooling, and new process services including robotic manufacturing, would be overwhelming for most project managers. Mark was unfazed, and the result was a state of the art, Siemens controlled automated factory that was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Plant Manager, Latex Foam International

I brought Mark in to re-engineer our San Antonio Distribution Center. Our process was not efficient, and we were incurring significant costs due to rework, quality problems and backordered shipments. Mark used a methodology that focused on Patterns of Success and Patterns of Failure to quickly identify opportunities for process improvement. He worked with us to implement better methods, better processes, and ensured that employees were trained. We could see significant results in just a few short weeks. By the time the project was completed in fourteen weeks, our operation had been significantly improved.

Managing Director Mexico and SW Operations for RayBan, Bausch and Lomb

As a marketing support services company, we struggled when large event projects were won by our sales team. Mark stepped in to run our fulfillment operations. His expertise in flexible manufacturing, production cells, cross training and project management were the critical skills that helped turn us around. Mark was able to bring in 300-400 temporary employees, ramp up, run and shut down an event project, all in about two weeks, without any impact to our ongoing operations.

General Manager, Webcraft-Vertis