Starting with your initial contact, we work with you in a phased approach to deliver the results you need, and keep your costs in control.



During the Discovery stage we work to understand if the skills and experiences of OPSandENG are a good fit for your needs. The Discovery session usually takes two to four hours, and is not billable. In this phase I understand and clarify your expectations and goals, meet with your key staff, and observe your processes and procedures.


Our goal is that OPSandENG will become your vendor of choice based on our good works for you. Although this may be planned as a one time support, our approach is to earn your confidence as the "go to" when you need some support in the future. At this point we agree on the scope of our engagement, develop initial plans and schedules, and begin to work with you and your team.


We work as both an outside partner and member of your team. As an outsider, we have a perspective that may be lacking in your full time talent. As a member of your team, we are committed to your success. The only thing more important that helping you achieve your goals, is our reputation with you. In this phase we Deliver on our commitments, provide you weekly status reports, and work with you on our transition as your engagement winds down.


When "your mission is completed" it is time for us to go to keep your costs low. At this point we coordinate any follow-up support, if requested. We consider each engagement as part of our long term relationship with you. OPSandENG remains a ready resource and wants to be your "go to guy" the next time you need some help.