Project Management

Architect ToolsAre your key people fully loaded, yet you need a qualified leader to step in and run a new program? It may not be a full time job, but it may be more than you can ask of one of your key subordinate leaders, or even effectively manage yourself without dropping the ball in another critical area. Or, it may be a burst activity that requires full time attention, and again, you and your key people are already knee deep in alligators.

OPSandENG can provide the help you need. With a strong background in leading projects that achieved implementation and cost parameters, OPSandENG can step in, fill the gap, and deliver your results. Our project experience includes New Product Development, Capital Tooling and Machinery upgrades, Profit Improvement Programs, facility changes and building new manufacturing facilities. We even jumped extruders to a new factory, and only incurred 11 hours of total downtime, when they thought they would lose six full shifts.

Whether the planning and controls for your project need a detailed MS Project file, or can be managed in Excel and Outlook, OPSandENG has the right skills to step in, lead, and implement your challenging projects.